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A Note from the Founder

No trade or investment comes without risk.

Investors and traders are seeking greater returns than those provided to them through alternative means. As a result they are turning to other methods to seek greater returns on their capital, while also trying to preserve it.

Using our expertise, experience, and risk management White Gem attempts to produce greater than average market returns.

White Gem primarily uses qualitative and statistical approaches to capital investment and trading. Using a variety of long, short, and market neutral equity strategies we attempt to reach our goal of beating the S&P benchmark annually. Unlike mutual funds, this allows hedge funds, like White Gem LP, to make money and minimize drawdowns when the market has a downturn or correction. Or in the case of neutral trading strategies, make money in any market.

Regardless of how the market is trading (up, down, sideways, or any other pattern), our strategies are diversified among the portfolio to smooth out risk based on any market condition. In an up market years long strategies can do well, while short strategies may not, and visa versa.

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Baron Kimble, CPA
CEO of White Gem Capital LLC



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