White Gem Capital is a long-short, multi-strategy hedge fund. It trades financial products such as stocks, futures, and options. Our primary purpose is to preserve investor capital, while deriving a steady return over a multi-year time horizon.

2016 YTD: 78.8%

2015: 57.8%

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General Q&A #2 - Update

By: WGC | 2017-05-18

We haven’t seen much activity from you since August of last year, any reason for this?

Too Good To Refuse - WGC Fee Structure

By: Baron Kimble | 2016-07-30

After evaluating the business plan of the fund I have decided to modify the current fee structure until the fund reaches $100M in assets under management.

General Q&A #1 - Past, Present, and Future of White Gem Capital

By: WGC | 2016-06-06

General Q&A #1 - Past, Present, and Future of White Gem Capital

The Eighth Wonder is Pounding at Your Door

By: Baron Kimble | 2016-02-13

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it ... he who doesn't ... pays it.”

- Albert Einstein

20% and Portfolio Diversification

By: WGC | 2015-05-04

After speaking with current and potential investors I felt it would be helpful and informative to share a guideline for capital allocation for your personal portfolio.